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Record Type Codes

The "record type" function in the Complex Search Form (hints) allows you to filter records based on what type of registration they contain.

Enter one or more record type codes from the below table, in any order, separated by the vertical-bar character, "|".

For example, a search for b|d|D would match personal badges, devices, and combination name-and-device records.

Code Record Type
a Augmentation of arms
AN Alternate Name
ANC Alternate Name Change
b Badge (also used for misc. armory -- see "notes" field)
B personal name and Badge (combined record)
BN Branch Name
BD Branch name and Device (combined record)
BNC Branch Name Change
BNc Branch Name Correction
Bv Branch name Variant without correction (probable error)
Bvc Branch name Variant with Correction
C Comment (database identification and version control data)
d Device
D personal name and Device (combined record)
D? uncertain type of armory (could be a, b, d, or s)
g reGalia
HN Household Name
HNC Household Name Change
j Joint badge cross-reference
N primary personal Name
NC personal Name Change
Nc personal Name Correction
O award name or Order name
OC award name change or Order name Change
r reserved/generic word/phrase
R cross-Reference
s Seal
t heraldic Title
u branch designator update
v personal name Variant without correction (probable error)
vc personal name Variant with Correction
W heraldic will

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