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Kingdom Codes

The "date and kingdom" function in the Complex Search Form allows you to filter records based on the kingdom from which they were submitted.

Enter one or more kingdom codes from the below table, in any order, with no punctuation between them.

For example, a search for EHQ would match records from the East, Æthelmearc, and Atlantia.

Code Kingdom
H Æthelmearc
N An Tir
X Ansteorra
R Artemisia
A Atenveldt
Q Atlantia
V Avacal
C Caid
K Calontir
D Drachenwald
m Ealdormere
E East
G Gleann Abhann
L Laurel or SCA (not submitted through a specific kingdom)
w Lochac
S Meridies
M Middle
n Northshield
O Outlands
T Trimaris
W West

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