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Obtaining the SCA Armorial Database

The data used by the search forms is distributed as delimited text files.

Database File

The armorial data is stored in a delimited text file known as oanda.db, which is roughly 18 MB in size.

You can download the database from http://armorial.heraldicart.org/oanda.db.

The file format is documented here.

Check the database version number to determine which data file is currently in use.

Category File

The armorial descriptions are stored using codes defined in a file known as my.cat, which is roughly 128 KB in size.

You can download the category file via HTTP from http://armorial.heraldicart.org/my.cat

The file format is documented here.


The database is protected by copyright, but broad blanket permissions have been granted for verbatim redistribution and personal use. See the copyright notice for details.

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