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Category Codes

The Armory Description Search Form allows you to filter armory records based on the types of elements they contain.

Heading Category
ALEMBIC AND RETORT Alembic (Alembic Flask; Mitsutomoe; Retort; Tomoe; Tool, Alchemical)
AMMO Ammunition
AMPHIBIAN-FROG Amphibian (Beast, Amphibian; Beast, Frog; Bullfrog; Frog; Tadpole; Toad)
ANCHOR Anchor (Ship, Anchor; Tool, Nautical)
ANNULET Annulet (Demi Annulet; Finger Ring; Keyring; Ring; Ring Of Keys; Torc; Torque; Vires) See also Torse
ANVIL Anvil (Bickern)
ARCHITECTURE Architecture (Altar; Arch; Bridge; Cairn; Chapel; Church; Column; Cornice; Dolmen; Dome; Facade; Fireplace; Footbridge; Fountain, Natural; House; Obelisk; Wall) See also Windmill; Castle; Keystone; Gate
AR Argent Field
ARM Arm (Cubit; Forearm)
ARMOR Armor (Breastplate; Camail) See also Helmet; Hand; Clothing
COMBAT Arrangement, Creature, Combattant (Combattant)
ARRANGEMENT9BEAST&MONSTER,RESPECTANT Arrangement, Creature, Respectant (Respectant)
ARRANGEMENT9HEAD,ADDORSED Arrangement, Head, Addorsed
ARRANGEMENT9HEAD,RESPECTANT Arrangement, Head, Respectant (Respectant)
ARRANGEMENT-IN ANNULO Arrangement, In Annulo (Annulo; Annulus; Arrangement, In Compass Star; Arrangement, In Mullet)
ARRANGEMENT-IN ARCH Arrangement, In Arch (Arch; Arrangement, In Demi Annulo; Arrangement, In Rainbow)
ARRANGEMENT-IN BEND Arrangement, In Bend
ARRANGEMENT-IN BEND*3 Arrangement, In Bend Sinister
ARRANGEMENT-IN CHEVRON Arrangement, In Chevron
ARRANGEMENT-IN CHEVRON*7 Arrangement, In Chevron Inverted See also Arrangement, In Pile
ARRANGEMENT-IN CROSS Arrangement, In Cross (Cross Of; Cross, Arrangement In)
ARRANGEMENT-IN ESTOILE Arrangement, In Estoile (Arrangement, In Mullet)
ARRANGEMENT-IN FESS Arrangement, In Fess
ARRANGEMENT-IN MASCLE Arrangement, In Mascle
ARRANGEMENT-IN ORLE Arrangement, In Orle (Arrangement, In Bordure; Arrangement, In Tressure)
INPALE Arrangement, In Pale
ARRANGEMENT-IN PALL Arrangement, In Pall
ARRANGEMENT-IN PALL*7 Arrangement, In Pall Inverted (Arrangement, In Trefoil)
ARRANGEMENT-IN PILE Arrangement, In Pile See also Arrangement, In Chevron Inverted
INSA Arrangement, In Saltire
ARRANGEMENT-IN TRIQUETRA Arrangement, In Triquetra
ARROW Arrow (Arrow Fletching; Arrow Pointer; Bird Bolt; Bolt, Bird; Bolt, Crossbow; Quarrel; Shaft; Weapon)
INSECT-ANT Arthropod, Ant (Ant; Emmet)
INSECT-BEE AND WASP Arthropod, Bee (Arthropod, Hornet; Arthropod, Wasp; Bee; Honeybee; Hornet; Wasp)
INSECT-BEETLE Arthropod, Beetle (Arthropod, Cockroach; Arthropod, Earwig; Arthropod, Ladybug; Arthropod, Roach; Arthropod, Scarab; Beetle; Cockroach; Earwig; Ladybug; Roach, Insect; Scarab)
INSECT-DRAGONFLY Arthropod, Dragonfly (Arthropod, Mosquito; Dragonfly; Mosquito)
FISH-LOBSTER AND CRAB Arthropod, Lobster (Arthropod, Crab; Arthropod, Crawfish; Arthropod, Prawn; Arthropod, Shrimp; Crab; Crawfish; Crayfish; Fish, Crab; Fish, Lobster; Lobster; Prawn; Sea Food; Shellfish; Shrimp)
INSECT-MANTIS Arthropod, Mantis (Arthropod, Grasshopper; Cricket; Grasshopper; Mantis)
INSECT-BUTTERFLY AND MOTH Arthropod, Moth (Arthropod, Butterfly; Butterfly; Moth; Papillion)
ARACHNID-SCORPION Arthropod, Scorpion (Scorpion) See also Arthropod, Lobster
ARACHNID-SPIDER Arthropod, Spider (Spider)
AXE Axe (Addices; Adze; Battle Axe; Broadaxe; Cleaver; Fasces; Francisca; Francisque; Hachet; Hand Axe; Hatchet; Labrys; Tomahawk; Tool, Ax; War Axe; Weapon) See also Pole Axe
AXLE BRACKET Axle Bracket (Bracket)
AZ Azure Field
BALANCE Balance (Pair Of Scales; Scale)
BARREL Barrel (Cask; Keg; Puncheon; Tank, Container; Tub; Tun)
BASE Base (Ford; Hill; Hillock; Point; Quarter; Trimount)
BASKET Basket (Bassinet; Bucket; Handbasket; Pail)
BATTERING RAM Battering Ram (Ram, Battering) See also Siege Engine
BEACON AND BRAZIER Beacon (Brazier; Cresset; Enflamed Object; Flaming Object; Lighthouse; Rushlight; Tower, Beacon)
BEAST-ANTEATER Beast, Anteater (Aardvark; Anteater; Armadillo; Beast, Aardvark; Beast, Armadillo; Beast, Pangolin; Beast, Tapir; Pangolin; Tapir)
BEAST-BADGER Beast, Badger (Badger; Beast, Brock; Beast, Raccoon; Beast, Wolverine; Beast, Wombat; Beast, Woodchuck; Brock; Raccoon; Sea-Raccoon; Wolverine; Wombat; Woodchuck)
BEAST-BAT Beast, Bat (Bat; Beast, Reremouse; Reremice; Reremouse)
BEAST-BEAR Beast, Bear (Bear; Beast, Koala; Beast, Panda; Beast, Ursine; Cub, Bear; Koala; Panda; Sea Bear; Wolverine)
BEAST-BOAR Beast, Boar (Beast, Pig; Beast, Sow; Boar; Pig, Beast; Sow; Swine)
BEAST-BULL AND BISON Beast, Bull (Aurochs; Beast, Aurochs; Beast, Bison; Beast, Bovine; Beast, Buffalo; Beast, Ox; Beast, Yak; Bison; Buffalo; Bull; Carabao; Cow; Holstein; Ox; Sea Bull; Water Buffalo; Yak)
BEAST-CAMEL Beast, Camel (Allocamelus; Beast, Dromedary; Beast, Llama; Camel; Dromedary; Llama)
CAT Beast, Cat (Beast, Catamount; Beast, Cheetah; Beast, Cougar; Beast, Feline; Beast, Leopard; Beast, Lion; Beast, Lioness; Beast, Lynx; Beast, Ounce; Beast, Panther; Beast, Tiger; Bengal Tiger; Cat; Catamount; Cheetah; Cougar; Cub, Lion; Demi Lion; Feline; Kitten; Leopard; Lion; Lion, Bicorporate; Lioness; Lynx; Mountain Lion; Ounce; Panther; Panther, Natural; Tiger; Winged Lion)
BEAST-DEER AND STAG Beast, Deer (Antelope, Natural; Beast, Antelope; Beast, Buck; Beast, Doe; Beast, Elk; Beast, Fawn; Beast, Gazelle; Beast, Gemsbok; Beast, Hart; Beast, Hind; Beast, Ibex; Beast, Moose; Beast, Oryc; Beast, Reindeer; Beast, Roebuck; Beast, Stag; Buck; Deer; Doe; Elk; Fawn; Gazelle; Gemsbok; Hart; Hind; Moose; Oryc; Oryx; Reindeer; Roebuck; Stag)
BEAST9DEMI Beast, Demi (Demi Beast; Demi Lion)
DOG Beast, Dog (Alaunt; Beagle; Beast, Alaunt; Beast, Bitch; Beast, Canine; Beast, Collie; Beast, Fox; Beast, Great Dane; Beast, Hound; Beast, Husky; Beast, Hyena; Beast, Levrier; Beast, Loat; Beast, Puppy; Beast, Setter; Beast, Thylacine; Beast, Wolf; Bitch; Brachet; Canine; Collie; Cub, Wolf; Cur; Dane, Great; Deerhound; Dog; Fox; Gower; Great Dane; Greyhound; Hound; Husky; Hyena; Levrier; Loat; Mastiff; Monster, Theow; Poodle; Pup; Puppy; Samoyed; Senmurv; Setter; Spaniel; Talbot; Terrier; Theow; Thylacine; Vixen; Werewolf; Whippet; Wolf)
BEAST-ELEPHANT Beast, Elephant (Beast, Mammoth; Elephant; Mammoth; Wooly Mammoth)
BEAST-GOAT AND SHEEP Beast, Goat (Beast, Ewe; Beast, Lamb; Beast, Ram; Beast, Sheep; Ewe; Fleece; Goat; Ibex; Lamb; Musimon; Ram; Sheep)
BEAST-HEDGEHOG Beast, Hedgehog (Beast, Porcupine; Beast, Urchin; Hedgehog; Porcupine; Urchin)
BEAST-HIPPOPOTAMUS AND RHINOCEROS Beast, Hippopotamus (Beast, Rhinoceros; Hippopotamus; Rhino; Rhinoceros)
BEAST-HORSE Beast, Horse (Ass; Beast, Ass; Beast, Donkey; Beast, Foal; Beast, Mare; Beast, Mule; Beast, Stallion; Beast, Zebra; Donkey; Equestrian; Equine; Foal; Horse; Mare; Mule; Palomino; Stallion; Zebra)
BEAST-MONKEY Beast, Monkey (Ape; Beast, Ape; Monkey)
BEAST-MOUSE AND RAT Beast, Mouse (Beast, Gerbil; Beast, Gopher; Beast, Guinea Pig; Beast, Lemming; Beast, Rat; Beast, Shrew; Gerbil; Gopher; Guinea Pig; Jerboa; Lemming; Marmot; Mice; Mouse; Pig, Guinea; Rat; Shrew)
BEASTETC Beast, Other (Beast, Beaver; Beast, Camelopard; Beast, Giraffe; Beast, Kangaroo; Beast, Loris; Beast, Mole; Beast, Platypus; Beast, Sloth; Beaver; Camelopard; Giraffe; Kangaroo; Loris; Mole; Monster, Camelopard; Platypus; Sloth)
BEAST-RABBIT Beast, Rabbit (Beast, Coney; Beast, Hare; Bunny; Coney; Hare; Rabbit)
BEAST-SEAL AND SEA LION Beast, Seal (Beast, Sea Lion; Beast, Walrus; Bull Seal; Lion, Sea, Natural; Manatee; Sea Elephant; Sea Lion, Natural; Seal; Walrus)
BEAST-SQUIRREL AND SKUNK Beast, Squirrel (Beast, Chipmunk; Beast, Polecat; Beast, Skunk; Chipmunk; Polecat; Skunk; Squirrel)
BEAST-WEASEL AND OTTER Beast, Weasel (Beast, Ermine; Beast, Ferret; Beast, Marten; Beast, Mink; Beast, Mongoose; Beast, Otter; Beast, Sea Otter; Beast, Stoat; Ermine, Beast; Ferret; Marten; Mink; Mongoose; Mouse Of India; Otter; Sea Otter; Stoat; Weasel)
BEEHIVE Beehive (Bee Hive; Hive)
BELL Bell (Belled Hood; Churchbell; Cupping Glass; Glass, Cupping; Handbell; Hawk's Bell; Vair Bell) See also Clothing, Fool's Motley
BEND Bend (Baton; Bendlet) See also Field Division, Bendy
BS Bend Sinister (Baton Sinister; Bendlet Sinister; Scarpe) See also Field Division, Bendy Sinister
BILLET AND DELF Billet (Billetty; Block; Delf; Delphy; Japanese Nail Puller; Japanese Well Frame; Lock-Plate; Nail Puller, Japanese; Nine Man Morris; Square; Tablet, Weaver's; Weaver's Tablet; Weaving Tablet)
BIRD9DEMI Bird, Demi (Albatross; Alerion; Auk; Avosetta; Bird, Sea; Blackbird; Bluejay; Bustard; Chicken; Chough; Cock; Cockatoo; Corbie; Cormorant; Crane; Crow; Curlew; Cygnet; Demi Eagle; Dodo; Dove; Drake; Duck; Eagle; Egret; Falcon; Finch; Flamingo; Frigate Bird; Gamecock; Gander; Goose; Goshawk; Gull; Gyrfalcon; Hawk; Heathcock; Hen; Heron; Hummingbird; Ibis; Jay; Kestrel; Kingbird; Kingfisher; Kite, Bird; Lark; Linnet; Loon; Macaw; Magpie; Martlet; Merlin; Mew, Sea; Monster, Roc; Moorcock; Nightingale; Oriole; Osprey; Ostrich; Owl; Paraclete; Parrot; Peacock; Pelican; Penguin; Peregrine; Petrel; Pheasant; Pigeon; Plover; Popinjay; Puffin; Quail; Quetzal; Raptor; Raven; Roadrunner; Robin; Roc; Rooster; Sea Gull; Sea Mew; Seagull; Simurgh; Skylark; Songbird; Sparrow; Sparrowhawk; Starling; Stork; Swallow; Swan; Swift; Tern; Thrush; Turkey; Turkeycock; Woodpecker; Wren)
BIRD Bird, Whole (Albatross; Alerion; Auk; Avosetta; Bird, Sea; Blackbird; Bluejay; Bustard; Chicken; Chough; Cock; Cockatoo; Corbie; Cormorant; Corncrake; Crane; Crow; Curlew; Cygnet; Dodo; Dove; Drake; Duck; Eagle; Egret; Falcon; Finch; Flamingo; Frigate Bird; Gamecock; Gander; Goose; Goshawk; Gull; Gyrfalcon; Hawk; Heathcock; Hen; Heron; Hummingbird; Ibis; Jay; Kestrel; Kingbird; Kingfisher; Kite, Bird; Lark; Linnet; Loon; Macaw; Magpie; Martlet; Merlin; Mew, Sea; Monster, Roc; Moorcock; Nightingale; Oriole; Osprey; Ostrich; Owl; Paraclete; Parrot; Peacock; Pelican; Penguin; Peregrine; Petrel; Pheasant; Pigeon; Plover; Popinjay; Porphyrio; Puffin; Quail; Quetzal; Raptor; Raven; Roadrunner; Robin; Roc; Rook; Rooster; Russian Firebird; Sea Gull; Sea Mew; Seagull; Simurgh; Skylark; Songbird; Sparrow; Sparrowhawk; Starling; Stork; Swallow; Swan; Swift; Tern; Thrush; Turkey; Turkeycock; Vireo; Woodpecker; Wren) See also Monster, Phoenix
BC Bleu Celeste Field
BODY-PARTS Body Part (Breast; Coxcomb; Ear; Fin; Fish Fin; Lip; Toe; Trunk, Elephant's) See also Eye; Hand; Leg; Bone; Head; Tooth; Moustache
BONE Bone (Femur; Hip Bone; Rib; Shin Bone; Skeleton; Thigh Bone) See also Head, Beast, Skull; Head, Human Skull; Tooth; Horn, Creature
BOOK AND SCROLL Book (Bookroll; Escroll; Parchment; Scroll; Tablet)
BORDURE Bordure (Border; Bordure Of Flame; Bordure Of Flowers)
BOTTLE AND FLASK Bottle (Amphora; Ampulla; Costrel; Flask; Ink Bottle; Ink Flask; Jug; Urinal; Wine Bottle)
BOW Bow (Arbalest Stock; Crossbow; Longbow; Recurve; Weapon) See also Musical Instrument, Lute; Rainbow
CHEST AND BOX Box (Ark Of The Covenant; Chest; Trunk, Packing)
BROOM Broom (Besom)
BR Brunatre Field
CALIPER AND COMPASS Caliper (Compass) See also Tool, Other
CALTRAP Caltrap (Caltrop) See also Mullet
CANDLE Candle (Enflamed Object; Flaming Object; Rushlight)
CANDLESTICK Candlestick (Menorah; Mortcour)
CANTON Canton (Quarter)
CARD PIQUE Card Pique (Pique; Spade, Shape)
CARTOUCHE Cartouche (Bird's Egg; Egg; Oval; Shield)
CASTLE Castle (Citadel; Crane, Building; Fortress; Lighthouse; Minaret; Pagoda; Siege Tower; Tower) See also Architecture
CAULDRON AND COOKING POT Cauldron (Bowl; Caldera; Caldera Gringolada; Cooking Pot; Fleshpot; Pipkin; Pot, Cooking)
CEN Cendree Field
CHAIR Chair (Couch; Roman Dining Couch; Stool)
CHARGE TREATMENT-FRETTY Charge Treatment, Fretty
CHARGE TREATMENT-MASONED Charge Treatment, Masoned
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (CRUSILLY) Charge Treatment, Seme, Crusily
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (DE-LYS) Charge Treatment, Seme, De Lys
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (ERMINED) Charge Treatment, Seme, Ermined
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (GOUTTY) Charge Treatment, Seme, Goutty
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (MULLETTY) Charge Treatment, Seme, Mulletty
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (9OTHER) Charge Treatment, Seme, Other
CHARGE TREATMENT-SEME (ROUNDELS) Charge Treatment, Seme, Roundelly
CHESS PIECE Chess Piece (Chess King; Chess Knight; Chess Rook; Rook; Zule)
CHEVRON Chevron (Angle; Chevronel)
CHEVRON*7 Chevron Inverted (Chevron Reversed; Chevronel Inverted)
CLARION AND REST Clarion (Gunrest; Handgonne Rest; Rest)
CLAW Claw See also Leg, Bird; Leg, Monster
CLOTHING-BELT Clothing, Belt (Baldric; Belt; Clothing, Baldric; Clothing, Scarf; Clothing, Strap; Leash; Scarf; Strap)
CLOTHING-FOOL'S MOTLEY Clothing, Fool's Motley (Clothing, Fool's Cap; Clothing, Motley; Fool; Fool's Cap; Fool's Motley; Motley)
CLOTHING-BOOT AND SHOE Clothing, Footgear (Boot; Clothing, Boot; Clothing, Hose; Clothing, Hosen; Clothing, Sandal; Clothing, Shoe; Clothing, Slipper; Feet; Foot; Footgear; Hose; Hosen; Sandal; Shoe, Clothing; Shoe Sole; Slipper; Sock; Sole)
CLOTHING-GOWN AND ROBE Clothing, Gown (Cape; Chemise; Cloak; Clothing, Cape; Clothing, Cloak; Clothing, Jerkin; Clothing, Robe; Gown; Jerkin; Robe)
CLOTHING-HAT Clothing, Headgear (Belled Hood; Beret; Bycocket; Cap; Chapeau; Clothing, Beret; Clothing, Cap; Clothing, Chapeau; Clothing, Fool's Cap; Clothing, Hat; Clothing, Hood; Clothing, Scarf; Clothing, Veil; Fool's Cap; Hat; Headgear; Hood; Kalpag; Perruque; Scarf; Veil) See also Helmet
CLOTHING-OTHER Clothing, Other (Apron; Breeches; Clothing, Trews; Clothing, Trousers; Drape; Mantle; Trews; Trousers; Waist-Apron)
CLOTHING-POUCH Clothing, Pouch (Backpack; Bag; Clothing, Purse; Clothing, Scrip; Knapsack; Moneybag; Pouch; Purse; Sack; Scrip)
CLOUDS AND WIND Cloud (Aeoli; Aeolus; Boreas; Mistral; Nimbus; Wind; Zephyr)
COMET Comet (Falling Star; Heavenly Body; Shooting Star; Star, Shooting)
CORNUCOPIA Cornucopia (Horn Of Plenty)
CE Counterermine Field
CRESCENT Crescent (Crescenty; Decrescent; Decrescent Moon; Heavenly Body; Increscent; Increscent Moon)
CRAC Cross, As Charge (Crux Ansata; Non Cross; Rogacina; Thors Hammer)
CROSS Cross, Throughout (Cross)
CROWN Crown (Chess King; Circlet; Comital Coronet; Coronet; Ducal Coronet; Hat; Tiara) See also Jewelry; Wreath; Torse
CUP Cup (Beaker; Bowl; Can; Chalice; Cupping Glass; Drinking Cup; Glass, Cupping; Goblet; Grail; Mazer; Mug; Stein; Tankard; Wine Cup)
DICE Die (Dice) See also Billet; Toy
DRAGON SCALE Dragon Scale (Scale, Dragon)
DRINKING HORN Drinking Horn (Horn, Drinking; Horn, Powder)
ER Ermine Field
ERMINE SPOT Ermine Spot (Ermine Tail; Spot) See also Field Treatment, Ermined
ES Erminois Field
ESCARB Escarbuncle (Snowflake)
ESCUTCHEON Escutcheon (Escucheon; Inescutcheon; Kite, Shield; Madu; Scutum; Shield)
EWER AND PITCHER Ewer (Apothecary Jar; Jar; Pitcher; Tool, Alchemical; Urn; Vase)
EYE Eye (Human Eye; Orb)
EYEGLASSES Eyeglasses (Glass, Eye)
FAN Fan (Gunbai) See also Shell, Escallop
FEATHER AND QUILL Feather (Banana Leaf; Bird's Feather; Ostrich Plume; Panache; Plume; Quill) See also Pen; Field Treatment, Plumetty
FER-A-LOUP Fer A Loup (Fers A Loup) See also Crescent
FESS Fess (Bar; Bar Gemel; Barrulet; Bars Gemel; Dance; Dances; Fillet; Grillage) See also Field Division, Barry
FIELD DIV.-BARRY Field Division, Barry (Barruly; Barry; Field Division, Barruly) See also Fess
FIELD DIV.-BENDY Field Division, Bendy (Bendy) See also Bend
FIELD DIV.-BENDY*3 Field Division, Bendy Sinister (Bendy Sinister) See also Bend Sinister
FIELD DIV.-CHECKY Field Division, Checky (Checky; Chequy; Field Division, Chequy)
FIELD DIV.-CHEVRONELLY Field Division, Chevronelly (Chevronelly) See also Chevron
GYRONNY Field Division, Gyronny (Gyronny; Gyronny Of Six)
FIELD DIV.-LOZENGY OR FUSILY Field Division, Lozengy (Field Division, Fusilly; Fusilly; Lozengy)
FIELD DIV.9OTHER Field Division, Other (Field Division, Party Of Six; Field Division, Pily; Pily; Pily Bendy; Schnecke)
FIELD DIV.-PALY Field Division, Paly (Paly) See also Pale
PB Field Division, Per Bend (Per Bend; Pily Bendy)
PBS Field Division, Per Bend Sinister (Per Bend Sinister)
PC Field Division, Per Chevron (Chape; Field Division, Chape; Field Division, Per Chevron Throughout; Per Chevron)
PCI Field Division, Per Chevron Inverted (Chausse; Field Division, Chausse; Per Chevron Inverted; Per Chevron Reversed)
PFESS Field Division, Per Fess (Per Fess)
PPALE Field Division, Per Pale (Per Pale)
FIELD DIV.-PER PALL Field Division, Per Pall (Field Division, Tierced En Pairle; Per Pall)
FIELD DIV.-PER PALL*7 Field Division, Per Pall Inverted (Per Pall Inverted; Tierced In Point)
PSALT Field Division, Per Saltire (Per Saltire)
QLY Field Division, Quarterly (Quarterly)
FIELD DIV.-VETU Field Division, Vetu (Vetu) See also Lozenge
FO Field Only (Field Primary; No Primary)
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (ERMINED) Field Treatment, Ermined (Ermined; Field Treatment, Seme, Ermined)
FIELD TREATMENT-HONEYCOMBED Field Treatment, Honeycombed (Honeycombed)
FIELD TREATMENT-MAILED Field Treatment, Mailed (Mail; Maily)
FIELD TREATMENT-MASCULY Field Treatment, Mascully (Mascully)
FIELD TREATMENT-MASONED Field Treatment, Masoned (Masoned)
FIELD TREATMENT-PAPELONNY Field Treatment, Papelonny (Papelonny)
FIELD TREATMENT-PLUMMETTY Field Treatment, Plumetty (Plumetty)
FIELD TREATMENT-POTENTY Field Treatment, Potenty (Potent; Potenty)
FIELD TREATMENT-SCALY Field Treatment, Scaly (Scaly)
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (CRUSILLY) Field Treatment, Seme, Crusily (Crusilly; Crusily) See also Cross, As Charge
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (DE-LYS) Field Treatment, Seme, De Lys See also Fleur De Lys
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (ESTENCELY) Field Treatment, Seme, Estencely
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (GOUTTY) Field Treatment, Seme, Goutty
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (MULLETTY) Field Treatment, Seme, Mulletty
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (9OTHER) Field Treatment, Seme, Other
FIELD TREATMENT-SEME (ROUNDELS) Field Treatment, Seme, Roundelly
FIELD TREATMENT-VAIRY Field Treatment, Vairy (Alternate Vair; Counter Vair; Vairy)
NO Fieldless
FIRE AND FLAME Fire (Bordure Of Flame; Enflamed Object; Flame; Flaming Object; Flammant) See also Beacon; Torch; Grenade; Reptile, Lizard; Candle; Monster, Phoenix
FISH-ANGELFISH Fish, Angelfish (Angelfish)
DOLPHIN Fish, Dolphin (Bottle Nosed Dolphin; Bottlenosed Dolphin; Dolphin; Mahi Mahi; Monster, Dolphin)
FISH8OTHER Fish, Other (Alewife; Catfish; Chabot; Eel; Fish Skeleton; Fish, Alewife; Fish, Catfish; Fish, Herring; Fish, Lucy; Fish, Marlin; Fish, Perch; Fish, Pike; Fish, Roach; Fish, Sailfin; Fish, Salmon; Fish, Sculpin; Fish, Shark; Fish, Swordfish; Fish, Trout; Herring; Lucy; Marlin; Perch; Pike, Default; Roach, Fish; Sailfin; Salmon; Sculpin; Shark; Skeleton; Skeleton Of Fish; Sturgeon; Swordfish; Trout; Zydrach)
FISH-RAY Fish, Ray (Fish, Stingray; Ray; Stingray)
FISH-SEAHORSE Fish, Seahorse (Horse, Sea, Natural; Sea Horse, Natural)
FISH-WHALE Fish, Whale (Fish, Narwhal; Fish, Orca; Narwhal; Orca; Whale)
FLAG AND PENNON Flag (Banner; Gonfannon; Pennant; Pennon; Pennoncelle; Vexilium; Vexillium; Vexillum; Wyn)
FLAUNCH Flaunch (Flank; Side; Tierce)
FDL Fleur De Lys (Demi Fleur De Lis; Fleury; Semy De Lys)
FLOWER9BOUQUET Flower, Bouquet (Bouquet; Nosegay; Plant, Bouquet; Plant, Nosegay; Spray)
FLOWER-CUP SHAPE Flower, Cup Shape (Buttercup; Flower, Buttercup; Flower, Gentian; Flower, Lotus; Flower, Poppy; Flower, Water Lily; Gentian Blossom; Lotus; Lotus Flower; Poppy; Water Lily)
FLOWER-FEW PETALS Flower, Few Petals (Borage Flower; Brooklime Blossom; Bryony Flower; Camomile Flower; Dogwood Blossom; Dogwood Flower; Dondril Blossom; Flower, Borage; Flower, Brooklime; Flower, Bryony; Flower, Dogwood; Flower, Dondril; Flower, Forget Me Not; Flower, Heartsease; Flower, Magnolia; Flower, Mustard; Flower, Periwinkle; Flower, Pimpernel; Flower, Rue; Flower, Sage; Flower, Sedum; Flower, Spiderwort; Flower, Stitchwort; Flower, Tiger Lily; Flower, Trillium; Flower, Wild Ginger; Forget Me Not; Forget-Me-Not; Heartsease; Magnolia Blossom; Meadow Beauty; Mustard Flower; Periwinkle; Pimpernel; Ramson Flower; Sedum Blossum; Spiderwort Blossom; Star Of Bethlehem; Stitchwort Blossom; Tiger Lily; Trillium; Wild Ginger Flower)
FLOWER-IRIS AND ORCHID Flower, Iris (Flower, Orchid; Gendy Flower; Iris; Ladyslipper; Orchid; Plant, Ladyslipper)
FLOWER-MULTI-FLORETED Flower, Multifloreted (Basil Flower; Chive Flower; Flower, Basil; Flower, Chive; Flower, Foxglove; Flower, Gladiolus; Flower, Heather; Flower, Hyacinth; Flower, Lilac; Flower, Lily Of The Valley; Flower, Wisteria; Foxglove Flower; Gladiolus; Heather Blossom; Heliotrope; Hyacinth; Lavender Flower; Lilac; Lily Of The Valley; Multifloreted Flower; Rowan Flower; Sage Blossom; Wisteria)
FLOWER-MULTI-PETALED Flower, Multipetaled (Amaranth Flower; Arnica; Aster; Blackeyed Susan; Bluebottle; Camellia; Carnation; Chamomile Flower; Chicory Flower; Chrysanthemum; Daisy; Dandelion; Edelweiss; Firewheel Blossom; Flower, Amaranth; Flower, Arnica; Flower, Aster; Flower, Blackeyed Susan; Flower, Bluebottle; Flower, Camellia; Flower, Carnation; Flower, Chamomile; Flower, Chicory; Flower, Chrysanthemum; Flower, Daisy; Flower, Dandelion; Flower, Edelweiss; Flower, Firewheel; Flower, Gardenia; Flower, Gillyflower; Flower, Lotus; Flower, Marguerite; Flower, Marigold; Flower, Pink; Flower, Sunflower; Flower, Touch Me Not; Gardenia; Gillyflower; Lotus; Lotus Flower; Marguerite; Marigold; Multipetaled Flower; Pink; Sunflower; Touch Me Not)
ROSE Flower, Rose (Adonis; Almond Flower; Anemone Flower; Apple Blossom; Bush, Rose; Cherry Blossom; Cinquefoil; Clover Bud; Cornflower; Dryas Flower; Eglantine; Elderflower; Flax Blossom; Flower, Adonis; Flower, Almond; Flower, Cherry; Flower, Cinquefoil; Flower, Clover; Flower, Cornflower; Flower, Dryas; Flower, Eglantine; Flower, Elderflower; Flower, Flax; Flower, Fraise; Flower, Garden Rose; Flower, Gendy; Flower, Hawthorn; Flower, Heraldic Rose; Flower, Hollyhock; Flower, Jasmine; Flower, Kendall; Flower, Peony; Flower, Primrose; Flower, Violet; Foil, Cinquefoil; Fraise; Garden Rose; Garden Rosebud; Hawthorn Blossom; Heraldic Rose; Hibiscus; Jasmine Blossom; Kendall Flower; Orange Blossom; Pansy; Peony; Plumeria Blossom; Prickly Pear Flower; Primrose; Rose; Rose Bud; Rowan Flower; Rue Flower; Sage Blossom; Strawberry Flower; Violet; Willow-Herb Blossom; Willowherb; Wood Anemone; Wood Sorrel)
FLOWER-THISTLE Flower, Thistle (Nettle; Plant, Thistle; Stinging Nettle; Teazel; Teazle; Thistle)
FLOWER-TRUMPET SHAPE Flower, Trumpet Shape (Arum Lily; Bellflower; Calla Lily; Columbine; Copihue; Crocus; Daffodil; Flower, Calla Lily; Flower, Columbine; Flower, Copihue; Flower, Crocus; Flower, Daffodil; Flower, Honeysuckle; Flower, Jonquil; Flower, Lily; Flower, Lupin; Flower, Narcissus; Flower, Rampion; Flower, Silver Bell; Flower, Snowdrop; Flower, Tiger Lily; Flower, Tulip; Harebell; Honeysuckle; Jonquil Blossom; Lily; Lupin; Narcissi; Narcissus Blossom; Rampion Stalk; Silver Bell Flower; Snowdrop; Tiger Lily; Tulip)
FOIL-8 Foil, Octofoil (Octofoil)
FOIL-4 Foil, Quatrefoil (Brooklime Blossom; Clover, Four Leafed; Flower, Quatrefoil; Flower, Rue; Mustard Flower; Plant, Clover; Quatrefoil)
FOIL-7 Foil, Septfoil (Septfoil)
FOIL-6 Foil, Sexfoil (Angevine; Flower, Sexfoil; Foil, Cinquefoil; Kendall Flower; Rosette; Sexfoil) See also Flower, Rose
FOIL-3 Foil, Trefoil (Flower, Trefoil; Plant, Shamrock; Shamrock; Trefly; Trefoil; Trefoily)
FOODSTUFF Foodstuff (Bird's Egg; Bread; Breadloaf; Cheese; Egg; Loaf; Pie; Pretzel) See also Fruit; Fungus; Plant
FOOTPRINT Footprint See also Paw Print
FRET Fret (Field Treatment, Fretty; Fretty)
FRUIT-APPLE Fruit, Apple (Apple)
FRUIT-GRAPE AND BERRY Fruit, Berry (Berry; Blackberry; Fruit, Grape; Fruit, Mulberry; Fruit, Raspberry; Grape; Mulberry; Raspberry)
FRUIT-NUT,ACORN Fruit, Nut, Acorn (Acorn)
FRUIT-NUT Fruit, Nut, Not Acorn (Almond; Hazel Nut; Hazelnut; Walnut)
FRUIT9AND VEGETABLE-OTHER Fruit, Other (Artichoke; Banana; Bean Pod; Cabbage; Carrot; Celery Stalk; Cherry; Clove; Cucumber; Fig; Fruit, Artichoke; Fruit, Carrot; Fruit, Cherry; Fruit, Clove; Fruit, Garlic; Fruit, Leek; Fruit, Onion; Fruit, Pear; Fruit, Pepper; Fruit, Persimmon; Fruit, Pineapple; Fruit, Pumpkin; Fruit, Turnip; Fruit, Vegetable; Leek; Lemon; Onion; Pea Pod; Peach; Peapod; Pear; Peascod; Pepper; Persimmon; Pineapple; Plum; Pod; Pumpkin; Quince; Radish; Turnip; Vegetable)
FRUIT-PINECONE Fruit, Pinecone (Cone; Fir Cone; Hop Cone; Pine Cone; Pinecone)
FRUIT-POMEGRANATE Fruit, Pomegranate (Pomegranate)
FRUIT-STRAWBERRY Fruit, Strawberry (Strawberry)
FUNGUS-MUSHROOM Fungus (Morel; Mushroom)
GARB Garb (Sheaf; Sheaves)
GATE AND DOOR Gate (Door; Portcullis; Torii)
GORE AND GUSSET Gore (Gusset; Point; Tierce)
GOUTE Goute (Field Treatment, Seme, Goutty; Gout; Goutte; Goutty; Icicle; Teardrop; Tomoe)
GRENADE Grenade (Bomb; Enflamed Object; Fireball) See also Roundel, Whole; Fire
GU Gules Field
CANNON,GUN AND ROCKET Gun (Arbalest Stock; Cannon; Firearm; Gonne; Pistol; Pole-Cannon; Rocket; Skyrocket; Weapon)
GURGES Gurges (Field Division, Gurgity; Gurgity; Spiral; Whirlpool)
GYRON Gyron (Schnecke) See also Field Division, Gyronny
HAMMER Hammer (Bung Starter; Claw Hammer; Dulcimer Hammer; Mallet; Mjollnir; Pick; Sledgehammer; Thors Hammer; Warhammer; Weapon)
HAND AND GAUNTLET Hand (Clothing, Gauntlet; Fist; Foi; Gauntlet; Glove; Human Hand)
HANDLE Handle (Drawer Handle)
HEAD-BEAST,BADGER Head, Beast, Badger (Badger's Head; Brock's Head; Head, Badger; Head, Brock; Head, Raccoon; Raccoon Head)
HEAD-BEAST,BEAR Head, Beast, Bear (Bear's Head; Head, Bear; Head, Ursine)
HEAD-BEAST,BOAR Head, Beast, Boar (Boar's Head; Head, Boar)
HEAD-BEAST,BULL AND BISON Head, Beast, Bull (Bison's Head; Bull's Head; Head, Bison; Head, Buffalo; Head, Bull; Ox's Head)
HEAD-BEAST,CAT AND LION Head, Beast, Cat (Cat's Face; Cat's Head; Head, Cat; Head, Feline; Head, Lion; Head, Lynx; Leopard's Head; Lion's Head; Lynx's Head; Panther's Face; Panther's Head; Tiger's Head)
HEAD-BEAST,DEER Head, Beast, Deer (Elk's Head; Head, Deer; Head, Stag; Hind's Head; Reindeer's Head; Stag's Head)
HEADDOG Head, Beast, Dog (Alaunt's Head; Cur's Head; Dog's Head; Fox's Head; Fox's Mask; Head, Dog; Head, Fox; Head, Hound; Head, Wolf; Hound's Head; Talbot's Head; Wolf's Head)
HEAD-BEAST,ELEPHANT Head, Beast, Elephant (Elephant's Head; Head, Elephant)
HEAD-BEAST,RAM AND GOAT Head, Beast, Goat (Goat's Head; Head, Goat; Head, Ram; Head, Sheep; Musimon's Head; Ram's Head; Ram's Skull; Sheep's Head)
HEAD-BEAST,HORSE Head, Beast, Horse (Chess Knight; Head, Horse; Horse's Head)
HEAD-BEAST,MARTEN Head, Beast, Marten (Head, Marten; Marten's Head; Otter's Head)
HEAD-BEAST9OTHER Head, Beast, Other (Head, Rat; Head, Rhino; Head, Rhinoceros; Rat's Head; Rhino's Head; Rhinoceros's Head; Totem Pole)
HEAD-BEAST,RABBIT Head, Beast, Rabbit (Hares Head; Head, Bunny; Head, Coney; Head, Hare; Head, Rabbit)
HEAD-BEAST9SKULL Head, Beast, Skull (Beast's Skull; Head, Skull; Ram's Skull; Skull, Beast)
HEAD-BIRD Head, Bird (Bird's Head; Corbie's Head; Dove's Head; Eagle's Head; Falcon's Head; Hawk's Head; Hawk's Hood; Heron's Head; Kestrel's Head; Owl's Head; Peacock's Head; Raven's Head; Swan's Head)
HEAD-FISH Head, Fish (Shark's Head)
HEAD-HUMAN Head, Human (Boreas; Cherub; Cherub's Face; Child's Head; Fool's Head; Gorgon's Head; Head, Monster, Humanoid; Head, Troll; Human Head; Mandrake's Head; Mistral; Monk's Head; Moor's Head; Saracen's Head; Seraph; Troll's Head; Turk's Head; Woman's Head; Zephyr)
HEAD-HUMAN SKULL Head, Human Skull (Death's Head; Head, Skull; Human Skull; Skeleton; Skull, Human)
HEAD-JESSANT-DE-LYS Head, Jessant De Lys (Jessant)
HEAD-MONSTER,DRAGON Head, Monster, Dragon (Dragon's Head; Wivern's Head)
HEAD-MONSTER,GRIFFIN Head, Monster, Griffin (Griffin's Head)
HEAD-MONSTER9OTHER Head, Monster, Other (Bog Beast's Head; Head, Troll; Troll's Head)
HEAD-MONSTER,TYGER Head, Monster, Tyger (Tyger's Head)
HEAD-MONSTER,UNICORN Head, Monster, Unicorn (Unicorn's Head)
HEAD-REPTILE Head, Reptile
HEAD-WEAPON Head, Weapon (Axe Blade; Axe Head; Halberd Head; Pike Head; Spearhead; Streitgabelklinge; Trident Head; Weapon Head) See also Pheon
HEART Heart (Human Heart; Seeblatt) See also Leaf
HELM CREST Helm Crest (Crest)
HELMET Helmet (Chapel De Fer; Clothing, Helmet; Hat; Helm; Skold; Spangenhelm)
FLEECE AND HIDE Hide (Fleece; Pelt; Skin, Beast; Wool Fleece)
HOOK Hook (Fish Hook; Pruning Hook; Reaping Hook; Tenterhook)
HORN AND ATTIRES Horn, Creature (Alicorn; Antler; Attire; Bull's Horn; Massacre; Ram's Horn; Unicorn's Horn) See also Tooth; Bone
HORSESHOE Horseshoe (Equestrian Gear; Shoe, Horse; Torc)
HOURGLASS Hourglass (Glass, Hour)
HUMAN FIGURE Human Figure (Archer; Baby; Boy; Chess King; Child; Demon; Equestrian; Figure, Human; Figurehead; Fool; Fortuna; Girl; Hellene; Hermit; Human; Human Body; Infant; Knight; Lady; Maiden; Man; Palmer; Pilgrim; Rider; Rustic; Sapper; Saracen; Sauvage; Savage; Scholar; Skeleton; Wildman; Woman; Youth)
INKHORN AND INKWELL Inkhorn (Horn, Ink; Ink Bottle; Ink Flask; Ink Horn; Ink Pot; Ink Well; Inkpot; Inkwell; Pot, Ink; Well, Ink) See also Tool, Writing
JEWELS AND JEWELRY Jewelry (Bead; Brooch; Cameo; Comb; Diamond; Emerald; Gem; Gemstone; Jewel; Necklace; Necklet; Paternoster; Ring; Rosary; Torc; Torque) See also Crown
KEY Key (Keyring; Ring Of Keys)
KEYSTONE Keystone (Stone)
KH Khaki Field
KNOT AND ROPE Knot (Bourchier Knot; Bowen Cross; Bowen Knot; Donnelly Knot; Lacy Knot; Match; Net; Non Cross; Noose; Pretzel; Rope; Slow Match; Stafford Knot; Tassel; Tool, Nautical; Trefoil Knot; Tress; Valknut; Wake Knot)
LAMP AND LANTERN Lamp (Enflamed Object; Lantern; Lanthorn; Lanthorne)
LEAF Leaf (Banana Leaf; Bay Leaf; Blatt; Leaves; Linden Leaf; Oak Leaf; Palm Frond; Plant, Leaf; Seeblatt)
LEG AND FOOT-BEAST Leg, Beast (Beast's Leg; Foreleg; Forepaw; Gamb; Gambe; Hoof; Jambe; Lion's Gamb; Lion's Jambe; Paw)
LEG AND FOOT-BIRD Leg, Bird (Bird's Leg; Eagle's Foot; Eagle's Leg; Gamb; Gambe; Jambe; Talon) See also Claw
LEG AND FOOT-HUMAN Leg, Human (Feet; Foot; Human Foot; Human Leg)
LEG AND FOOT-MONSTER Leg, Monster (Dragon's Jambe; Feet; Foot; Gamb; Gambe; Tentacle) See also Claw
LIGHTNING FLASHES Lightning Bolt (Bolt, Lightning; Flash; Lightning; Lightning Flash; Shazam)
LOZENGE Lozenge (Diamond; Fusil; Lozengy; Passion Nail) See also Mascle; Field Division, Vetu; Field Division, Lozengy
LURE Lure, Hawk's (Hawk's Lure)
MACE AND MORNINGSTAR Mace (Flail; Morgenstern; Morningstar; Star, Morning; Weapon)
MANACLE Manacle (Fetterlock; Shackle; Shacklebolt)
MASCLE AND RUSTRE Mascle (Masculyn; Rustre)
MASK Mask (Clothing, Mask; Comic Mask) See also Head, Beast, Dog
MILLRIND Millrind (Anille; Fer De Moline; Inkmoline; Maueranker; Mill Rind)
MIRROR Mirror (Glass, Looking)
KRAKEN Mollusk, Octopus (Calamarie; Fish, Octopus; Kraken; Mollusk, Squid; Monster, Kraken; Octopus; Polypus; Sea Food; Squid)
MOLLUSK-SNAIL Mollusk, Snail (Nautilus; Schnecke; Slug; Snail)
MONSTER-ANTELOPE AND YALE Monster, Antelope (Antelope; Antelope, Heraldic; Bagwyn; Ibex; Monster, Bagwyn; Monster, Yale; Yale)
MONSTER-BOG BEAST Monster, Bog Beast (Beast, Bog; Bog Beast)
MONSTER-CENTAUR Monster, Centaur (Archer; Centaur; Centauress; Monster, Centauress; Monster, Sagittarius; Monster, Sagittary; Sagittarius; Sagittary)
MONSTER9DEMI Monster, Demi (Demi Dragon; Demi Monster; Demi Pegasus)
DRAGON Monster, Dragon (Amphisbaena; Basilisk; Cockatrice; Dragon; Dragon, Sea; Griffin, Sea; Hydra; Lion-Dragon; Monster, Amphisbaena; Monster, Basilisk; Monster, Cockatrice; Monster, Hydra; Monster, Sea, Dragon; Monster, Sea, Griffin; Monster, Wyvern; Orm; Sea Dragon; Sea Griffin; Tarasque; Wivern; Wyrm; Wyvern) See also Monster, Griffin
MONSTER-ENFIELD Monster, Enfield (Enfield)
GRIFFIN Monster, Griffin (Griffin; Gryphon; Hippogriff; Keythong; Monster, Alphyn; Monster, Hippogriff; Monster, Opinicus; Opinicus) See also Monster, Dragon
MONSTER-HUMANOID Monster, Humanoid (Angel; Frauenadler; Harpy; Humanoid Monster; Man Lion; Monster, Harpy; Monster, Silkie; Satyr; Seraph, Standing; Silkie; Standing Seraph; Troll; Winged Man) See also Human Figure; Monster, Merfolk; Monster, Centaur
MONSTER-KNOTTED Monster, Knotted (Jelling Beast; Knotted Monster; Norse Serpent) See also Knot
MONSTER-MANTICORE Monster, Manticore (Manticore; Mantyger; Monster, Mantyger)
MONSTER-MERFOLK Monster, Merfolk (Melusine; Merfolk; Mermaid; Merman; Monster, Melusine; Monster, Mermaid; Monster, Merman; Monster, Sea, Human; Selkie; Triton)
MONSTER9MULTI-BODIED Monster, Multibodied (Bicorporate; Lion, Bicorporate; Lion, Tricorporate; Monster, Bicorporate; Monster, Tricorporate; Multibodied Monster; Tricorporate)
MONSTER9MULTI-HEADED Monster, Multiheaded (Amphisbaena; Bicapitate; Hydra; Monster, Amphisbaena; Monster, Bicapitate; Monster, Hydra; Multiheaded Monster; Naga) See also Monster, Dragon
METC Monster, Other (Alphyn; Bird, Sea; Boreyne; Calygreyhound; Chimera; Composite Monster; Feathered Serpent; Monster, Birdlike; Monster, Composite; Monster, Theow; Monster, Ypotrill; Musimon; Sea Bird; Sea Magpie; Senmurv; Theow; Vegetable Lamb; Ypotrill)
MONSTER-PANTHER Monster, Panther (Pantheon; Panther)
PEGASUS Monster, Pegasus (Demi Pegasus; Monster, Winged Unicorn; Pegasi; Pegasus; Unicorn, Winged; Unicornate Pegasus; Winged Unicorn)
MONSTER-PHOENIX Monster, Phoenix (Enflamed Object; Firebird; Flaming Object; Monster, Birdlike; Monster, Firebird; Phoenix; Russian Firebird)
MONSTER-PITHON Monster, Pithon (Jaculus; Monster, Jaculus; Pithon; Python; Winged Serpent)
MONSTER-SEA HORSE AND SEA UNICORN Monster, Sea, Horse (Hippocampus; Horse, Sea; Monster, Sea, Pegasus; Monster, Sea, Unicorn; Sea Horse; Sea Mule; Sea Pegasus; Sea Unicorn; Unicorn, Sea)
MONSTER-SEA LION Monster, Sea, Lion (Catamount, Sea; Lion-Dragon; Lion, Sea; Sea Catamount; Sea Lion)
MONSTER-SEA9BEAST,OTHER Monster, Sea, Other (Catamount, Sea; Sea Bear; Sea Bull; Sea Elephant; Sea Magpie; Sea Moose; Sea Nettle; Sea Tyger; Sea Urchin; Sea-Nettle; Sea-Raccoon; Urchin, Sea)
MONSTER-SEA SERPENT Monster, Sea, Serpent (Sea Serpent; Serpent, Sea)
SEAWOLF Monster, Sea, Wolf (Dog, Sea; Monster, Sea, Dog; Monster, Sea, Loat; Sea Dog; Sea Loat; Sea Wolf; Sea-Fox; Seawolf; Wolf, Sea)
MONSTER-SPHINX Monster, Sphinx (Sphinx)
MONSTER-TYGER Monster, Tyger (Sea Tyger; Tyger)
MONSTER-UNICORN Monster, Unicorn (Unicorn)
MONSTER9WINGED Monster, Winged (Lion-Dragon; Lion, Winged; Monster, Birdlike; Senmurv; Trout, Winged; Winged Lion; Winged Man) See also Monster, Dragon; Monster, Griffin; Monster, Pegasus; Bird
MOON Moon See also Roundel; Crescent
MORTAR AND PESTLE Mortar & Pestle (Mortar; Pestle)
MOUNTAIN Mountain (Dune; Hill; Hillock; Island; Mountain Range; Peak; Sand Dune; Trimount)
MOUSTACHE Moustache (Beard; Hair)
STAR Mullet (Compass Star; Constellation; Estoile; Estoile; Estoilly; Field Treatment, Seme, Mulletty; Flower, Starflower; Heavenly Body; Mulletty; Pentacle; Rowel; Star Of David; Star, Compass; Star, Straight Rayed; Starflower; Sun; Sun, Whole; Tricune) See also Caltrap; Sun
MUSICAL INSTR-BAGPIPES Musical Instrument, Bagpipe (Bagpipe; Pipe, Bag)
MUSICAL INSTR-DRUM Musical Instrument, Drum (Drum; Dumbeg; Dumbek; Goblet Drum; Musical Instrument, Dumbeg; Musical Instrument, Dumbek; Musical Instrument, Tabor; Musical Instrument, Tambour; Musical Instrument, Tambourine; Tabor; Tambour; Tambourine)
MUSICAL INSTR-DULCIMER Musical Instrument, Dulcimer (Dulcimer; Epinette; Musical Instrument, Epinette; Musical Instrument, Psaltry; Musical Instrument, Scheitholt; Musical Instrument, Stringed; Psaltry; Scheitholt; Stringed Instrument)
HARP Musical Instrument, Harp (Crowth; Crwth; Harp; Lyre; Musical Instrument, Lyre; Musical Instrument, Stringed; Musical Instrument, Zither; Stringed Instrument; Zither)
MUSICAL INSTR-HORN AND TRUMPET Musical Instrument, Horn (Bass Cornetto; Bugle; Bugle Horn; Buglehorn; Clarion Trumpet; Cornetto; Horn, Bugle; Horn, Hunting; Horn, Musical; Horn, Spiral; Hunting Horn; Musical Instrument, Bugle; Musical Instrument, Cornnetto; Musical Instrument, Sackbut; Musical Instrument, Serpent; Musical Instrument, Shofar; Musical Instrument, Trumpet; Musical Instrument, Tuba; Sackbut; Serpent, Musical; Shofar; Spiral Horn; Trumpet; Tuba)
MUSICAL INSTR-LUTE Musical Instrument, Lute (Cithara; Cittern; Gittern; Hurdy-Gurdy; Kobza; Lute; Mandolin; Musical Instrument, Cithara; Musical Instrument, Cittern; Musical Instrument, Gittern; Musical Instrument, Kobza; Musical Instrument, Mandolin; Musical Instrument, Nefr; Musical Instrument, Rebec; Musical Instrument, Sitar; Musical Instrument, Stringed; Musical Instrument, Viol; Musical Instrument, Violin; Nefr; Rebec; Sitar; Stringed Instrument; Viol; Violin)
MUSICAL INSTR-PORTATIVE ORGAN Musical Instrument, Organ (Organ; Organ Pipe)
MUSICAL INSTR-PAN PIPE Musical Instrument, Pan Pipe (Musical Instrument, Syrinx; Pan Pipe; Panpipe; Pipe, Pan; Syrinx)
MUSICAL INSTR-RECORDER Musical Instrument, Recorder (Flute; Hautboy; Krummhorn; Musical Instrument, Flute; Musical Instrument, Hautboy; Musical Instrument, Krummhorn; Musical Instrument, Shaum; Musical Instrument, Shawm; Recorder; Shaum; Shawm)
MUSICAL INSTR-ZILS Musical Instrument, Zils (Zils)
NAIL Nail (Passion Nail; Staple; Tenterhook)
NEEDLE Needle (Sewing Tool; Tool, Sewing) See also Tool, Textile
NESSELBLATT Nesselblatt (Blatt; Nesselblat)
OR Or Field
ORLE AND TRESSURE Orle (Bordure Of Flowers; Tressure)
PALE Pale (Endorse; Grillage; Palet; Pallet) See also Field Division, Paly
PALL Pall (Fork, Shake; Pallium; Shakefork)
PALL*7 Pall Inverted
PAVILION AND TENT Pavilion (Tent; Yurt)
PAW PRINT Paw Print (Beast's Pawprint; Hoofprint; Human Footprint; Print)
PE Pean Field
PEN Pen (Quill; Quill Pen; Reed Pen) See also Feather
PO Peripheral Only (Field Primary; No Primary)
PHEON AND ARROWHEAD Pheon (Arrow Head; Arrow Notch; Arrowhead; Bolt, Elf; Broad Arrow; Elf Bolt; Elfbolt; Head, Arrow; Spear Head; Spearhead) See also Head, Weapon
PILE Pile (Chausse; Field Division, Chausse; Field Division, Per Pile; Field Division, Pily; Per Pile; Pily; Pily Bendy) See also Field Division, Per Chevron Inverted; Field Division, Other
PILE*7 Pile Inverted (Field Division, Chape; Field Division, Per Chevron Throughout; Field Division, Per Pile Inverted; Per Pile Inverted) See also Field Division, Per Chevron
PILLOW AND CUSHION Pillow (Bag Of Madder; Cushion; Madder, Sack Of; Sack Of Madder; Wool Pack; Wool Sack)
PIPE-SMOKING Pipe, Smoking (Hookah; Pipe, Water)
PLANT-CACTUS Plant, Cactus (Cactus; Ocotillo; Plant, Ocotillo)
PLANT-FERN Plant, Fern (Fern; Frond)
PLANT-HEATHER Plant, Heather (Bush, Heather; Flower, Heather; Heather)
PLANT-HERB Plant, Herb (Borage Plant; Camomile Plant; Catnip; Chamomile Plant; Dittany; Herb; Hyssop; Laurel Branch; Lavender Plant; Parsley; Plant, Borage; Plant, Camomile; Plant, Catnip; Plant, Chamomile; Plant, Dittany; Plant, Hyssop; Plant, Lavender; Plant, Parsley; Plant, Ragweed; Plant, Thyme; Plant, Woad; Plant, Woodruff; Plant, Wormwood; Ragweed; Rosemary; Sagebrush; Thyme; Woad; Woodruff; Wormwood)
PLANT-HOLLY AND MISTLETOE Plant, Holly (Holly; Mistletoe; Plant, Mistletoe)
PLANT-GARLIC AND ONION Plant, Onion (Braid Of Garlic; Fruit, Garlic; Fruit, Leek; Fruit, Onion; Garlic; Leek; Onion; Plant, Garlic) See also Fruit, Other
PLANT9OTHER Plant, Other (Bird Of Paradise Plant; Broom Plant; Bush, Rose; Hop; Plant, Sea Weed; Sea Weed)
PLANT-REED Plant, Reed (Bulrush; Cattail; Papyrus; Plant, Bulrush; Plant, Cattail; Plant, Rush; Reed; Rush)
PLANT-SPRIG Plant, Sprig (Laurel Branch; Slip; Sprig)
PLANT-STRAWBERRY Plant, Strawberry
PLANT-THORN Plant, Thorn (Bramble; Briar; Bush, Thorn; Greenbriar; Plant, Greenbriar; Thorn)
PLANT-VINE Plant, Vine (Blackberry Briar; Briar; Grapevine; Heather Vine; Ivy; Kudzu Vine; Plant, Ivy; Plant, Kudzu; Poison Ivy; Vine; Woodbine)
PLANT-WHEAT Plant, Wheat (Bamboo; Barley; Corn; Grain; Plant, Barley; Plant, Rice; Plant, Stalk; Rice; Stalk; Wheat)
POLE-AXE Pole Axe (Bardiche; Berdiche; Billhook; Glaive; Halberd; Pike, Weapon; Poleaxe; Weapon)
POLYGON Polygon (Hexagon; Octagon; Pentagon; Tortoise-Shell Plate) See also Billet; Triangle
PRESS Press (Cider Press) See also Tool, Other
PU Purpure Field
RAINBOW Rainbow (Demi Annulet)
LIZARD Reptile, Lizard (Alligator; Anole; Chamelion; Crocodile; Dinosaur; Enflamed Object; Flaming Object; Iguana; Lizard; Monster, Salamander; Reptile, Alligator; Reptile, Anole; Reptile, Chameleon; Reptile, Crocodile; Reptile, Iguana; Reptile, Salamander; Salamander)
REPTILE-SNAKE Reptile, Snake (Adder; Asp; Beast, Snake; Caldera Gringolada; Cobra; Feathered Serpent; Naga; Python; Reptile, Adder; Reptile, Asp; Reptile, Cobra; Reptile, Python; Reptile, Serpent; Rod Of Aesculapius; Rod Of Asclepius; Serpent; Skin, Snake; Snake; Snake Skin)
REPTILE-TURTLE Reptile, Turtle (Beast, Turtle; Reptile, Terrapin; Reptile, Tortoise; Terrapin; Tortoise; Turtle)
REPTILE-WORM Reptile, Worm (Beast, Worm; Caterpillar; Caterpillar; Centipede; Earthworm; Reptile, Xonecuilli; Tomato Hornworm; Worm; Xonecuilli)
RIBBON Ribbon (Ribband; Ribbon Scroll; Scarf; Scroll, Ribbon) See also Clothing, Belt
ROCK Rock (Boulder; Nugget; Stone)
ROUNDEL-DEMI Roundel, Demi (Demi Bezant; Demi Roundel)
ROUNDEL Roundel, Whole (Astrolabe; Astronomical Tool; Ball; Ball Of Yarn; Bezant; Bezanty; Breast; Clew; Clew Of Yarn; Clockface; Constellation; Equatorium; Field Treatment, Seme, Roundels; Fountain; Globe; Golpe; Gunstone; Hurt; Labyrinth; Millstone; Mound; Ogress; Orange; Orb; Oval; Pellet; Pellety; Plate; Platy; Pomme; Roundelly; Shield; Sieve; Sphere, Terrestrial; Stone; Tai Chi; Targe; Terrestrial Sphere; Torteau; Walnut)
SA Sable Field
SADDLERY AND TACK Saddlery (Barnacles; Bit; Breys; Chamfron; Equestrian Gear; Fetterlock; Hames; Harness; Horse Barnacles; Prickspur; Saddle; Scourge; Spur; Stirrup; Tack; Whip; Yoke) See also Horseshoe
SALTCELLAR Saltcellar (Salt Cellar)
SALTIRE*9 Saltire, As Charge
SALTIRE Saltire, Throughout
SEED Seed (Ash Key) See also Fruit, Nut
PS Seme As Primary
SCISSORS AND SHEARS Shear (Cloth Snip; Scissor; Snip, Cloth)
ESCALLOP Shell, Escallop (Escallop; Escallopy; Scallop; Shell, Scallop)
SHELL Shell, Other (Abalone; Barnacles; Clam; Conch; Nautilus; Triton Shell; Whelk)
SHIP Ship (Ark; Canoe; Caravel; Carrack; Dhow; Dragonship; Drakkar; Galleon; Galley; Gondola; Hulk; Knorr; Longship; Lymphad; Outrigger; Rowboat; Tool, Nautical; Trireme; Vehicle)
SHIP-PARTS Ship, Part (Belaying Pin; Oar; Pin, Belaying; Prow; Rudder)
SICKLE AND SCYTHE Sickle (Scythe) See also Tool, Agricultural
SIEGE ENGINE Siege Engine (Catapult; Engine; Siege Tower; Swepe; Tower, Siege; Trebuchet; Weapon) See also Battering Ram; Castle
SLING Sling (Weapon)
SPARKS Sparks (Estencele; Estencely; Field Treatment, Seme, Estencely) See also Field Treatment, Seme, Estencely
SPEAR AND LANCE Spear (Arrow Pointer; Javelin; Lance; Naginata; Partisan; Pike Staff; Pike, Weapon; Weapon)
SPIDER WEB Spider Web (Spiderweb; Web) See also Knot
SPINDLE Spindle (Tool, Weaving; Weaving Tool) See also Tool, Textile
STAFF Staff (Aaron's Rod; Ankhus; Baton; Caduceus; Club; Crook; Crozier; Drumstick; Facine; Goad; Palmer's Staff; Pike Staff; Rod; Rod Of Aesculapius; Rod Of Asclepius; Sceptre; Shepherd's Crook; Shillelagh; Stake; Staves; Thyrsus; Vajhra; Wand; Weapon) See also Spear
SUN-DEMI Sun, Demi (Demi Sun; Ray Of The Sun; Rising Sun; Sun Issuant)
SWORD Sword (Blade; Cinquedea; Claidheamh Mor; Claymore; Cleaver; Corsica; Coulter; Dagger; Dirk; Dussack; Estoc; Falchion; Fauchard; Flamberge; Gladii; Gladius; Katana; Knife; Kris; Rapier; Saber; Sabre; Scabbard; Scimitar; Seax; Shamshir; Skene; Weapon)
LETTERS,RUNES AND SYMBOLS Symbol (Cross Monogram; Cypher; Digit; Inscription; Kanji; Letter; Mitsutomoe; Monogram; Motto; Musical Note; Norse Sun Cross; Note, Musical; Number; Numeral; Quaver; Question Mark; Rogacina; Roman Numeral; Rune; Shu; Tomoe; Uncial; Word)
TAIL-BEAST AND MONSTER Tail (Cattail; Dragon's Tail; Orm's Tail) See also Ermine Spot
TE Tenne Field
THUNDER BOLT Thunderbolt (Bolt, Thunder)
TOOL-AGRICULTURAL Tool, Agricultural (Agricultural Tool; Cider Press; Coulter; Fork, Mowing; Fork, Pitch; Harrow; Hayfork; Hayhook; Hoe; Mash Rake; Mattock; Mill; Mowing Fork; Pick; Pitchfork; Plough; Plow; Pruning Hook; Rake; Rake, Mash; Reaping Hook; Shovel; Sieve; Spade, Tool; Trowel) See also Sickle
TOOL-ARTISTIC Tool, Artistic (Artistic Tool; Brush; Burnisher; Calligrapher's Knife; Palette)
TOOL-ASTRONOMICAL Tool, Astronomical (Armillary Sphere; Astrolabe; Astronomical Tool; Equatorium; Globe; Instrument, Astronomical; Quadrant; Sphere, Armillary; Tool, Nautical)
TOOL-CARPENTRY Tool, Carpentry (Awl; Carpenter's Square; Carpentry Tool; Drawknife; Gimlet; Plumb-Line; Plummet; Saw; Wood Chisel) See also Nail; Hammer; Axe
FORK AND SPOON Tool, Eating (Brewer's Scoop; Eating Fork; Flesh Hook; Flesh-Hook; Fork, Eating; Fork, Table; Ladle; Skimmer; Spoon; Strainer)
TOOL9OTHER Tool, Other (Andiron; Angle; Ape Clog; Athanor; Baker's Peel; Bellows; Bookbinder's Plough; Cider Press; Clog, Ape; Coin Die Set; Crampon; Cranequin; Dividing Iron; Domed Oven; Dulcimer Hammer; Eel Fork; Eel-Fork; Frying Pan; Grater; Graver; Gridiron; Grozing Iron; Half Moon Knife; Half-Moon Knife; Hand Sling; Handgonne Rest; Iron, Dividing; Iron, Grozing; Japanese Nail Puller; Lathe; Lock-Plate; Nail Puller, Japanese; Oven, Domed; Peel, Bakers; Pick; Pick Axe; Pickaxe; Porte Arnois; Printer's Ball; Punch; Punner; Roasting Spit; Skillet; Tennis Racket; Tong; Tool, Crampon; Trenket) See also Anvil
TOOL-SEWING AND WEAVING Tool, Textile (Bobbin; Broach, Embroiderer's; Distaff; Embroiderer's Broach; Heckle; Loom; Quill Of Yarn; Sewing Tool; Shuttle; Sleas; Spinning Wheel; Spool; Spool Of Thread; Tablet, Weaver's; Tenterhook; Thimble; Tool, Sewing; Tool, Weaving; Weaver's Tablet; Weaving Tablet; Weaving Tool; Wheel, Spinning; Wheel, Wool; Wool Comb; Wool Wheel; Wool-Comb; Yarn; Yarn Quill) See also Needle; Shear; Spindle
TOOL-WRITING AND PRINTING Tool, Writing (Ink Bottle; Ink Flask; Printing Press; Tool, Printing; Writing Tool) See also Inkhorn; Pen; Press
TOOTH Tooth (Fang; Shark's Tooth; Teeth; Tusk)
TORCH Torch (Cresset Torch; Enflamed Object; Firebrand; Flaming Object; Rushlight; Winged Torch) See also Candle
TORSE Torse (Hat; Jocelyn; Joscelyn) See also Annulet
TOY Toy (Ball; Bauble; Board, Gaming; Doll; Fool's Bauble; Game; Glove Puppet; Hobby Horse; Hobbyhorse; Horse, Toy; Horse, Trojan; Kite, Toy; Nine Man Morris; Plaything; Puppet; Top; Trojan Horse)
TREE9BRANCH Tree Branch (Alk Slip; Bough; Branch; Sprig; Tree, Twig; Twig)
TREES-MULTIPLE Tree, Multiple (Hurst; Tree, Hurst)
TREE-PINE TREE SHAPE Tree, Pine Tree Shape (Cedar; Fir Tree; Pine Tree; Redwood Tree; Spruce; Tree, Cedar; Tree, Fir; Tree, Pointed Shape; Tree, Redwood; Tree, Spruce; Tree, Yew; Yew)
TREE-ROUNDED SHAPE Tree, Rounded Shape (Alder; Apple Tree; Ash; Aspen; Beech Tree; Birch; Blasted Tree; Cherry Tree; Cinnamon Tree; Crequier; Crequier Plant; Cypress; Date Palm; Elder Tree; Elm; Hazel Tree; Heath Tree; Juniper; Laurel Tree; Linden Tree; Madrone; Maple; Mulberry Tree; Oak; Olive Tree; Orange Tree; Palm Tree; Pear Tree; Plant, Crequier; Poplar; Rowan; Sycamore; Tree, Alder; Tree, Apple; Tree, Ash; Tree, Aspen; Tree, Beech; Tree, Birch; Tree, Blasted; Tree, Cherry; Tree, Cinnamon; Tree, Cypress; Tree, Date Palm; Tree, Elm; Tree, Hazel; Tree, Heath; Tree, Juniper; Tree, Laurel; Tree, Madrone; Tree, Maple; Tree, Mulberry; Tree, Oak; Tree, Olive; Tree, Orange; Tree, Palm; Tree, Pear; Tree, Poplar; Tree, Rowan; Tree, Sycamore; Tree, Walnut; Tree, Willow; Walnut Tree; Willow)
TREE9STUMP Tree, Stump (Log; Stump; Trunk, Tree)
TRIANGLE Triangle (Arrangement, In Triangle; Valknut) See also Polygon
TRIDENT Trident (Eel Fork; Eel-Fork; Fork, Weapon; Weapon)
TRIPOD AND TRIVET Tripod (Stand; Trivet)
TRISKELION Triskelion (Arrangement, In Triskele; Arrangement, In Triskelion; Pentaskelion; Triskele)
VT Vert Field
WAGON Wagon (Carriage; Cart; Chariot; Vehicle; Warwagon)
WATER BOUGET Water Bouget (Bouget)
WELL Well, Water See also Architecture
WHEEL Wheel (Cartwheel; Catherine Wheel; Cogwheel; Wheel, Catherine)
WINDMILL Windmill (Mill, Wind; Tower, Windmill) See also Castle
WING Wing (Batwing; Lure, Arrangement; Vol)
WINGED OBJECT Winged Object (Cherub; Cherub's Face; Winged Torch)
WOLF-TOOTH Wolf's Tooth See also Tooth; Pile
LW Wreath, Laurel (Laurel Wreath)
WREATH,OTHER Wreath, Not Laurel (Lei)

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